Candy Dots On Paper

Candy dots on paper. Candy from the 1950 s.

Candy Dots On Paper

    candy dots

  • Candy Buttons, Candy Dots, or Pox are small rounded pegs of candy that are attached to a strip of paper. This classic sugar candy was originally introduced by the Cumberland Valley company.

    on paper

  • as written or printed; “this is exactly what the composer had set down on paper”
  • Stamps (usually postally used) that are affixed to portions of original envelope or wrapper. Often used to describe stamps prior to soaking.
  • Stamps, usually used, which have been used on mail and still adhere to all or part of that original piece of mail.

candy dots on paper

candy dots on paper – Candy Dot

Candy Dot Maker
Candy Dot Maker
CraZCookn Candy Dotz Maker! This Candy Dotz Maker creates strips of Candy Dots or Candy Dot pictures. Each click releases a dot of candy for loads of fun. Makes rainbow strips of candy. Make a perfect candy dot with the fun and easy to use candy decorator. Includes 4 Fruity Flavors Lime, Fruit, Grape and Orange. Refill packs are available in another lsiting please see other lsiting. Includes Candy Dotz maker Mixing Bowl Double ended spoon Double ended spatula 1 x Food grade paper roll (2 x 36) 5 x Picture patterns Instructions 1 x Blue candy mix (1.06 oz) 1 x Yellow candy mix (1.06 oz) 1 x Pink candy mix (1.06 oz) 1 x Green candy mix (1.06 oz) (Candy mix ingredients sugar, gelatin, corn starch, cellulose gum, natural and artificial flavors, colors titanium dioxide, beet powder, beta carotene, and/or Blue 1)

Old fashion candy

Old fashion candy
I remember as a kid buying most of this candy. Razzles were one of my favorite. Right behind the Razzle container is one of my favorite movies "13 going on 30".

Dots on paper

Dots on paper
55" by 66. Remember the old fashioned candy- little dots that were stuck on paper? I’ve named all of the quilts I use my Kaffe fabric after sweets.